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With thousands of children and adults visiting 4 Kingdoms on family days out and special events throughout the year.

We have learned that most of our guests have little first-hand experience or knowledge of the countryside.

While we spend a lot of our time teaching the children about the animals and crops on the farm.

It's has been difficult to deliver the level of education we would like on family days out.

Research has shown that:

*1/3 of children have never been up close or heard farm animals first hand.

*1/4 of children thought that milk came from a factory by mixing flour and water.


4 Kingdoms children's petting farm and adventure park have challenged ourselves to introduce and educate 25,000 school children to five areas of the countryside and farming by experiencing it first hand.


Any school day during 2017/2018 term - academic year.

Your education visit will take approximately one hour split into 2 x 30-minute sessions.

After the challenge, you can:

*spend the rest of the day in further educational sessions.

*use the full facilities of the adventure park as a fun day for the children.


We are offering 25,000 free school places to educate children about:

*Farm Animals *Crops *Wildlife *Waterways *The countryside code

We understand that many schools don't have access to affordable transport and that this may stop them from taking this fantastic opportunity.

To help you, we also offer school inset days free tickets that can be sold by the school to parents.

With 100% of the proceeds going towards transport for your school visit.

Farm Animals Challenge:

To introduce the children to 5 traditional farm animals, learning fundamental facts about each animal.

The children will get the first-hand experience of the size, and texture by touching each animal.

Crops Challenge:

To teach the children how crops grow underground, on the ground and above the ground.

The children will learn how plants produce food, medicines, oxygen and support the habitat and ecosystem.

Wildlife challenge:

To teach the children about the diverse wildlife, we have locally, and how the wildlife contributes to our farm and everyday people in the area.

Waterways Challenge:

To educate the children on rivers, lakes and ponds, showing all three examples on our farm.

The children will learn about the importance of water in our lives. How water shapes the landscape and the importance to the farm animals, wildlife and humans.

Countryside Code Challenge:

The children will have a fun lesson on the countryside safety code, where they will learn about their responsibility while in the countryside and the things they can and cannot do.


Please complete the form to Contact 4 Kingdoms for more information about our educational days. Please complete all the boxes before sending.

Contact Amy Willis - 4 kingdoms Education Officer on Tel: 01635 269678 or Email:

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Schools, nurseries and community groups enjoy learning about the farm and environment at 4 Kingdoms Adventure Farm Park – many come back to visit us, year after year.

There is plenty to see and do, with lots of opportunities for hands-on learning.

Our Education Officer is a qualified teacher, who can help support your school by bringing curriculum subjects to life in an engaging and exciting way.

Many schools also like to include a visit to the park as an end of term treat – that is part learning and part play.


We currently offer over 70 course modules covering EYFS KS1 and KS2.

These can be from 30 minutes.I.e. Hatchery activity covering different birds, size of eggs, nests in the trees on the ground, how long each bird takes to gestate, how they hatch with their egg tooth

• Egg collecting from our Free Range Hens coops

• The difference of bird types demonstrated with a Chick and Ducking why different feet, why different Beaks

Up to a KS2 full day course on Farm to fork, Rivers, wildlife, eco systems to name a few.

Supporting Organisations With Education

We give support for Sparsholt & Merrist Wood College, Newbury & Basingstoke Consortium students Animal Management Work Experience.

BCOT and Newbury College use 4 Kingdoms for the practical elements of their large animal training course.

SEN School, trips and work experience focusing on life skills as well as animal management. Animal badges for both Guiding and Scouting groups as well as other organised youth groups.

Therapeutic Farming and animal experiences including special needs sensory animal encounters.