4 Kingdoms Adventure Park & Family Farm Presents

A Magical Christmas 2019


"The Largest Indoor Christmas Experience In The UK"

It's Our Biggest Event Ever

" Imagine a 2-hour storytelling adventure that creates incredible enchanting memories and excitement for every child"

Scroll down to see some of the astounding scenery we have built for your Christmas experience...then keep scrolling to see some of the awesome elf led journey you will take (Psst, there is not enough room to show it all).

Combobulator 2000
North pole penguins
North pole bears
Woodland talking trees
Woodland trees
Christmas Archway Image
Dwarves resting in mine
Music street
North pole polar bear
North pole flying
Woodland animals
Sweet shop
dwarves working in mine
Dwarves Mining
Dont Kiss Me

Starting at Passport Control

When you arrive at 4 Kingdoms you will receive your personal Christmas Passport

Check-in To Santa's Airways

Make your way to the airport where Santa's Airways crew will ensure you are ready to board the sleigh.

A Sleigh Ride To The North

Hop aboard your sleigh for your interactive ride flying to the north pole...hold on tight

Take It Slowly In The North Pole

All the magical animatronic animals in the ice kingdom are really looking forward to meeting you.

The Sweet Factory Light show

Sit back and relax while you enjoy the elves musical light show.

Next Stop...The Toy Factory

Join the elves in the toy factory and watch the Combobulator 2000 wrap and shrink 2000 presents a millisecond.

Build Your Very Own Bear

All the boys and girls will build their own special Christmas Bear and give it a heart. Then take it on the rest of this incredible journey and after take it home with them.

It's Cookie Time

Make your own magical snow cookie in the Ice Castle Kitchen

Hold Tight In The Enchanted Forrest

The Enchanted Forrest is full of mythical creatures who are excited to meet you. You will get to see the dwarves at work in the twinkle mines, as well as the honeybees busy at work.

Join The Singalong Reindeer

Dasher and Dancer will really impress you with their singing voices.

Meet Santa & Mrs Clause

Mrs Clause welcomes you into Santa's home to visit the man himself where you will receive a warm welcome and a magical key.

It All Ends With A Present

After you meet Santa you can take your magical key into Santa's toyshop and exchange it for a toy of your choice.

Bigger Than Any Previous Event

4 Kingdoms Magical Christmas Experience is not the Santa’s grotto you find in town and garden centres, where you pay to see Santa and it’s all over in minute.

It's A Magical Two Hour Storytelling Journey


Build Your Own Bear And Take It Home With You

Every child on a PAID CHRISTMAS TICKET will build their own cudly bear and give it a little bright heart. They can then name their cuddly bear and we will register its birth with it's own birth certificate (Shhhh, It's a surprise when they get to Santa). They can then take it home with them to love forever. (Under 1's free tickets are non participating).


See What Last Years Customers Said

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Can I Pay For Tickets On The Day

Step 1

Yes: you can buy tickets on the door but we cannot guarantee tickets will be available. All tickets have been sold out prior to each Christmas event day for the last two years. To avoid disappointment we recommend that you buy your tickets now using the buttons above. This allows you to choose and guarantee your chosen date, time and amount of tickets required.

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Can Adults Visit Without Kids

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No: This venue is dedicated to families, parents, carers and individuals accompanied by kids. We would love to allow everyone to enjoy the biggest Christmas Kingdom in Hampshire, for security reasons we can only allow adults accompanied with children and vice versa.

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How Long Will The Event Take

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On average your journey through the Magical Christmas event will take between 2.0 to 2.5hrs. You will be guided through the Christmas adventure by our story telling elves, and will end in the play area marquee with father Christmas. You can use the full facilities available before and after your Christmas adventure start time.

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How Will I Receive My Tickets

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Your tickets are sent via email after your payment has been accepted. You will receive a confirmation email to let you know we have received your order. You will then receive a second email with a copy of your receipt with a barcode. And finally you will receive an email with your tickets in your name. All you have to do is either print them off and bring them with you, or bring your smartphone/tablet and show us the tickets to get in.

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Can You Guarantee This Event

Step 1

Yes: The Magical Christmas event is in its eighth year and is over 9000 square feet and the biggest in Hampshire. It is part of our 40 acres of 4 Kingdoms Adventure Play & Family Farm. This is not a "pop up" Christmas event. We have been growing and adding to our adventure park and Christmas events for several years now. You can find us on Facebook, and see how our visitors rave about our venue.

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Have You Heard Of Previous Christmas Scams

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Unfortunately we have heard of the terrible time parents had at other venues and companies that cancelled or went into administration. We have never let our visitors down, and have no connection with those sites or companies. Over 2600 star reviews on Facebook doesn't lie, we are dedicated to providing the best experience you will have with your kids.